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The TeamMate Connector works hard so you don't have to.

The TeamMate Connector makes the complex integration to Microsoft much easier to deploy and manage. Navigating API’s and PowerShell as well as normalizing SIP messages across any PBX can be a complicated process. However, SIP normalization turns the process into a seamless experience that any user will appreciate.


Frequently Asked Questions

The TeamMate Connector turns Microsoft Teams into a softphone on any existing PBX or SIP Trunk. This means businesses and users can keep all their phone numbers, phone rules and everything else in their current configurations while continuing to use Microsoft Teams Calls.  

The TeamMate Connector runs entirely on Microsoft Azure, integrates with Microsoft PowerShell, the Microsoft Graph API and is easy to set up for businesses as well as Service Providers. At its core, the TeamMate Connector is a light-weight web application automating complex SIP and Microsoft provisioning tasks. 

You will be able to use your Microsoft Teams Call dial pad like any other phone connected to your current PBX or SIP Trunk. You can use it anywhere you use Microsoft Teams – mobile, PC or Mac. Nothing else will change with your current telephone setup. 

It is not different from your desk phone except it is a software-based phone – or a softphone. If you already use some other softphone, then you will be very familiar with how apps work. The only difference is now it is inside Microsoft Teams. Which means it’s probably a lot cooler than your desk telephone. 

It will not affect your existing settings. The TeamMate Connector will not change your existing PBX or SIP Trunk setup or your existing Microsoft Teams account. It links them with a light touch. 

It is included in the TeamMate Connector, so the answer is Yes and No. Anyone that wants to connect SIP to the Microsoft Teams needs an SBC to negotiate the signaling and encryption required to keep the connection stable and secure. So, yes, there needs to be an SBC in place. The TeamMate Connector includes SBCs in several Microsoft Azure regions. 

Yes. The idea is that whatever numbers you have assigned on your PBX will be added to Teams. Keep in mind that Teams is behaving as another appearance (Shared Call Appearance or Shared Line Appearance) for your same set of PBX users. 

No, you will keep using your carriers and service providers who provide you with PSTN network services when using the TeamMate Connector. No changes there. 

No, you’ll have all the features of Teams, and your PBX will remain the same. Net gain of features. 

Yes, extensively. Everything the Teams Users sees can be branded. Softkeys, Portals and Notifications all support customization. If you are a Service Provider, we recommend that you create branding in the initial setup so every one of your business customers has the same Microsoft Teams softphone experience. 

We charge per user, per month. Right now, a lot of our emphasis is on finding great distribution partners – Service Providers, Resellers, CSPs, MSPs, etc. – so pricing is by total licenses consumed (rather than by Enterprise Customer). We are happy to have the commercial conversation and to provide a proposal. 

Tell your PBX or SIP Trunk service provider to get in touch with us, or you can browse through the list of our Partners who can easily walk you through a demo and onboarding. 

TeamMate has portal access for multiple levels of administration. As an Enterprise Administrator you can only manage your business. As a Reseller Administrator you can create/manage all of your business customers in one portal. As a Master Reseller you can create/manage all of your Resellers in one portal. Very handy. 

We are your TeamMates.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, don’t hesitate. Reach out to us. 


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