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Why TeamMate technology

Turning a threat into an opportunity

TeamMate has a unique product and approach when it comes to integration with Microsoft Teams. 

We start with the premise that Teams  is a great Team Collaboration platform that has quickly become the preferred workspace for many businesses.  And we solve the problem of how to smoothly integrate your existing phone system into that workplace.

Whether it is a PBX, UCaaS or CCaaS, we allow Service Providers and businesses to easily integrate today!

How is this possible?

TeamMate has built the most advanced way to integrate natively with Microsoft Teams. If you think you need a strategy to coexist with Microsoft Teams you have a variety of options which you should consider. TeamMate is your partner along the paths that require deeper native Microsoft integration.


Microsoft Introduces
Direct Routing

Microsoft introduced Direct Routing and the Graph API – opening the door to work with every Service Provider, Reseller, MSP, and Distributor in the world.


Enter The
TeamMate Solution

TeamMate has built the most advanced way to integrate natively with Microsoft Teams. We provide you with multiple methods of integrating with MS Teams, turning threat into opportunity.


TeamMate + Your PBX = The Ultimate Combination

 If you need a strategy to coexist with Microsoft Teams we can help! TeamMate is your partner in building the ultimate Microsoft Teams Strategy!

We Understand You

TeamMate Technology understands the unique challenges that you face as a communications service provider.  We are dedicated to helping you succeed by building integration tools that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in Microsoft Teams with existing PBX and Trunk systems.


TeamMate in Microsoft Teams

Build A Microsoft Teams Strategy

As remote and hybrid work skyrockets, the use of Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool grows, and with Microsoft offering its own calling tools, it can make it more difficult to compete. 

Service Providers who sell IT, PBX, or SIP Trunks need a strategy for how they will manage the flood of businesses asking for Microsoft Teams integration. 

TeamMate is your Microsoft Teams Strategy.

Partnering With TeamMate

Microsoft Teams integration is a feature that improves your Hosted PBX or Microsoft Office 365 service.  You need a partner that you rely on for technology and domain expertise.  Learn more about why you should partner with TeamMate today!

Features For Partners:

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