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Utilizing TeamMate Connector to Develop Verticals

Utilizing TeamMate Connector to Develop Company Verticals

Are you a managed services or communication service provider looking for ways to expand your portfolio and tap into new company verticals? Integration with Microsoft Teams is likely a solid solution you’ve been searching for. So, if you’re ready to open new revenue streams quickly, easily, and affordably, read on.  

But First, What Are Company Verticals?   

Before delving into how TeamMate Connector can help you reach new verticals, we must understand what “company verticals” are. Company verticals are the different sectors or industries a business can operate in, such as healthcare, education, or finance. Think of them like islands, each with its own set of unique communication needs and challenges you must address with your communication system. A phone system by itself might not cut it. However, providing an integration with Microsoft Teams will set you apart and meet each industry’s needs. Keep reading to find out how. 

5 Ways a Microsoft Teams Integration Can Help You Reach New Company Verticals  

If reaching new verticals is your goal, you will need to focus on what changes you can make to reach these industries. As you try to create a plan, keep in mind that something as small as improving your communications can make a big difference. Below, we highlight five ways a Microsoft Teams integration can help you reach these new verticals.  

1. It Makes Your Phone System Better (and Vice Versa)  

Different industries have distinct communication requirements. With its versatile features, Microsoft Teams can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of various verticals. For instance, in healthcare, Teams can ensure secure and compliant communication, while in education, it enables scalable solutions for remote learning and collaboration. By integrating your communication offerings with Teams, you’re essentially offering a unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) platform that meets the diverse needs of different industries.  

2. It Helps You Target Teams Users  

Over a million organizations are already using Microsoft Teams, spanning a wide array of industries. By integrating your services with Teams, you tap into this massive user base, exposing your offerings to potential clients in all kinds of company verticals. Plus, offering Microsoft Teams integration sets you apart from competitors who may not provide such compatibility.  

3. It Improves Your Clients’ Productivity  

Staying productive is a universal goal for businesses across all company verticals. Microsoft Teams integrates seamlessly with popular productivity tools like Microsoft 365, providing a familiar environment for users. This familiarity translates to faster adoption and increased efficiency for your clients, making your communication offering an attractive choice for businesses in various sectors. Plus, they don’t have to click back and forth between multiple applications to get work done.  

4. It Addresses Your Clients’ Security & Compliance Concerns  

Specific industries, such as finance and healthcare, have stringent compliance regulations. Microsoft Teams addresses these concerns with robust security features and compliance controls. By incorporating Teams into your communication services, you can assure your clients that their sensitive data is protected, making your offering a viable solution for businesses with strict regulatory requirements.  

5. It Keeps You Relevant  

As technology evolves, so do the needs of businesses across different verticals. However, because Microsoft Teams is constantly being updated and maintained by Microsoft’s team of engineers, your communication offerings will constantly stay relevant and adaptable. You can confidently position yourselves as forward-thinking partners, ready to embrace future changes and innovations, which is especially valuable for clients who value leading-edge technologies. 

It even helps you retain current customers! Existing clients might be considering a shift to Teams-compatible solutions. If you offer them a plug-and-play integration with a platform they already know and love, they won’t look elsewhere for help, as evidenced in our most recent case study with Chicago Business VoIP, but more on that later.  

How to Conquer New Verticals with Microsoft Teams  

Armed with the advantages of Microsoft Teams integration, you’re well-positioned to target and successfully enter new company verticals. Here are practical strategies to help you achieve this:  

1. Identify Target Verticals. Start by identifying the verticals you want to tap into. Consider industries where you already have a client base, or where Microsoft Teams is already prevalent or likely to be embraced. Remember, the key is aligning your services with that industry’s communication tool of choice.  

2. Understand Unique Communication Needs. Once you’ve identified your target verticals, delve into their specific communication needs and challenges. What works for healthcare may not necessarily work for hospitality. Tailor your approach and emphasize how your Microsoft Teams integration addresses those unique requirements.  

3. Deploy Industry-Specific Marketing. Craft targeted marketing campaigns highlighting how your integrated UCaaS solution, powered by Microsoft Teams, addresses the unique challenges of specific industries. Case studies and positive testimonials are wonderful ways to demonstrate your platform’s effectiveness in improving communication and collaboration within those verticals.  

4. Partner with Integration Specialists. Standard Teams integrations may not fully meet the unique needs of a client. This is why it’s critical to have an integration partner like TeamMate, who knows Teams incredibly well and can build an integration that fits your client’s needs like a glove. This will help you provide even more customization and flexibility than your competitors, attracting more clients. So, why wait? Start unlocking new verticals with the power of TeamMate today!   

Break Into New Company Verticals with TeamMate  

Integrating with Microsoft Teams is not just about keeping up – it’s about staying ahead. Embracing this shift allows you to expand your revenue streams and glean more revenue from customers you’re already serving – just like Chicago Business VoIP (CBV). Check out our case study to see how partnering with TeamMate made CBV a go-to provider for the education sector. 

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