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The Essentials of DRaaS and Everything You Need to Know Before Making Your Decision

The Essentials of DRaaS Solutions You Need to Know

Sometimes, you just don’t have time for leisurely reads.   

You need the facts, and you need them fast. To all the skimmers and summarizers – we hear you loud and clear! This is why we’ve put together the cliff notes on Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS).   

This blog covers the essentials of DRaaS: what it is, how it works, and what kind of companies need it.  

First, what is Direct Routing as a Service?  

DRaaS is a way for businesses to connect their Microsoft Teams platform to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through the cloud using session border controllers (SBCs). With these virtual “middlemen,” Teams users can easily make and receive calls right from Teams – an app they’re already very familiar with.  

And you don’t have to lift a finger to do it! Your provider handles everything for you – from design and deployment to maintenance and support.  

Second, how does DRaaS work?  

This is a quick overview of the basics. For a more technical summary, check out this blog!  

Step 1: Initial Setup  

You subscribe to a DRaaS service offered by a provider like TeamMate. They design a custom solution for you, setting up the session border controllers and other infrastructure so your integration is quick and painless. 

Step 2: Call Routing Configuration  

The provider helps set up call routing rules based on your needs, like how inbound and outbound calls are handled. Do you want to route calls to specific departments or locations? Your DRaaS provider works with you to make that happen.  

Step 3: Integration with PSTN  

Once the configuration is complete, the provider connects to the PSTN from Teams. Since they’ve already done the leg work of negotiating contracts with local carriers, this process takes minutes, not weeks. And with TeamMate, this connection will be equipped with the highest levels of encryption.  

After this, all that’s left is to manage and monitor your system. Some providers also offer user support and training so you can make the most out of your new capabilities.   

Third, who needs DRaaS solutions?  

DRaaS is ideal for any company that wants to enjoy all the benefits of Direct Routing without the responsibility of managing it themselves. These can include companies with:  

  • Limited IT resources: If your team is already stretched thin, outsourcing Direct Routing can free up their time for other projects.  
  • Complex telephony requirements: If you operate in multiple countries or industries with strict regulations, knowing experts are handling your communications will give you peace of mind.  
  • Growth plans: Are you anticipating hiring more people? DRaaS solutions can easily scale as you do, making them a great choice for evolving companies.  

By entrusting your Directing Routing requirements to a specialized provider like TeamMate, you can focus on building your business, not the intricacies of telephony integration.  

Fourth, how expensive is DRaaS?  

The cost of DRaaS solutions varies depending on your company size, the complexity of your setup, and the level of service you require. When pricing out your options, keep these things in mind:  

  • Service fees: DRaaS providers typically charge a monthly or annual fee for their services. It can be based on user amounts, geographic locations, or features.  
  • Predictability: Because of their standardized pricing structure, DRaaS solutions can make budgeting and financial planning much easier.  
  • Premium pricing: Some DRaaS solutions charge a premium price for SLAs or customized configurations.  
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO): Compared to self-managed solutions, DRaaS has a lower TCO because it doesn’t require you to invest in additional staff members, training, or day-to-day maintenance.  

In short? DRaaS solutions offer companies a convenient and cost-effective way to make your favorite collaboration app even more powerful.  

What a Deeper Dive into DRaaS? Download Our eBook!  

If you’re interested in taking a bit more time to learn about DRaaS and its business benefits? Our free eBook goes into more detail about DRaaS and presents the pros and cons of DRaaS vs. self-management in terms of cost, control, and complexity. Don’t miss it – visit TeamMate’s website and download it today

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