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TeamMate Introduces Contact-Sync Application for Netsapiens

You can now sync your contacts from Netsapiens to Microsoft Teams using Contact-Sync.

For companies using both Netsapiens as their unified communications platform and Microsoft Teams for collaboration, syncing contacts between the two systems is essential to maintain data integrity and accessibility.

Though both aim to improve communication and productivity within organizations, Netsapiens and Microsoft Teams manage contact lists separately. Netsapiens maintains contacts within its unified communications platform while Teams stores contacts within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Without a sync application, discrepancies between contact lists are common.

TeamMate’s Version 2.13 brings the Contact-Sync application to help keep contact details uniform across Netsapiens and Microsoft Teams systems.

The Contact-Sync application solves this issue by automatically synchronizing contacts from Netsapiens to Microsoft Teams. This ensures that any updates to contact details in Netsapiens, like name changes, new phone numbers, or email address updates, are reflected in Microsoft Teams. The application also pulls in new contacts added to the Netsapiens system.

By automating the syncing of contacts, the Contact-Sync application saves time and effort. Users no longer have to manually update contacts across systems or deal with outdated contact cards. The syncing also reduces the risk of miscommunication due to incorrect or missing contact information.

For organizations leveraging both Netsapiens’ Ucaas solution and Microsoft Teams, the Contact-Sync application provides an effortless way to harmonize contact data between the two platforms. The end result is greater accessibility to up-to-date contact information, which can improve communication and collaboration across the entire organization.

Here are the steps in Syncing Contacts Using the Contact Sync Application

1. Log in to the Contact Sync application with your Microsoft account credentials.

2. On the PBX tab, enter the username and password for the Netsapiens PBX.

3. Click “Login.” The list of contacts from the PBX will then be displayed.

4. Select the desired contacts from the displayed list to sync with Microsoft Teams. All contacts may also be selected at once for syncing.

5. Click “Sync to Microsoft Contacts.” A confirmation message will appear.

6. The synced contacts can then be merged with any duplicate contacts as needed.

Duplicate Contacts After Sync

It is common for duplicate contacts and information to exist after syncing contacts from various sources. To resolve duplicate contacts, users can utilize the Merge feature available in the Contact Sync dashboard.

To merge duplicate contacts:

1. Navigate to the Microsoft tab within the Contact Sync dashboard. Locate any duplicate contacts and select the Merge button associated with one contact record.

2. The “Merge Microsoft Contacts” section will appear. Use the Source Contact drop-down menu to designate the contact to merge into the target contact record.

3. A table displaying matching data fields will load. Select the information, such as email addresses, to consolidate.

4. Click the “Merged Contact” button to complete the merge operation. Upon success, a confirmation message will appear. Please note that the source contact selected for merging will be removed once the merge is fully processed.

The Contact-Sync application provides an important solution for organizations using Netsapiens and Microsoft Teams by automatically synchronizing contact information. This synchronization enhances productivity by reducing administrative workload while ensuring contact details remain updated and accessible

To learn more about implementing the Contact-Sync application and capitalizing on its functionality, please visit our website or contact our support team.

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