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The Advantages of Direct Routing over Calling Plans in Microsoft Teams

Expert explaining 4 Direct Routing Advantages That You Should Know to Improve Your Business

With over 320 million active users worldwide, there’s no question that Microsoft Teams has become the go-to hub for boosting productivity and collaboration worldwide. With Teams Telephony, it’s now easier than ever to handle all your corporate communication needs on one simple platform – from calls to chats to video meetings.  

When these companies decide to use Teams Telephony, they find themselves at a crossroads – do they use Direct Routing or Calling Plans? While both options have their benefits, Direct Routing has emerged as the more flexible, cost-effective, and customizable choice for companies of all sizes and industries, and we’re going to show you why.  

Advantage 1: Cost Control and Flexibility  

When it comes to Microsoft’s standard Calling Plans, what you see is what you get – fixed monthly costs and bundled minutes. However, with Direct Routing, a world of flexibility opens up. Your organization gains the ability to negotiate rates, manage call routing policies, and more. This newfound control translates to better cost management, enabling you to adapt your telephony setup to meet your organization’s unique needs.  

Say your organization experiences seasonal spikes in call volume. With Direct Routing, you could adjust your telephony setup to handle the extra load without breaking the bank. No more paying for unused minutes – you decide what works for you.  

Advantage 2: Integration with Existing Infrastructure  

Imagine not being bound to Microsoft as the sole PSTN carrier. Calling Plans might require precisely that, but Direct Routing takes a different approach. One of the biggest direct routing advantages is how it integrates seamlessly with your telephony infrastructure, including on-site private branch exchange (PBX) systems. This means you can leverage your prior hardware investments and harness the power of Microsoft Teams, expanding your capabilities without compromising existing setups.  

Plus, it makes the transition much smoother for your employees. Direct Routing doesn’t disrupt your operations, allowing your team to embrace the advantages of Microsoft Teams without missing a beat. 

Advantage 3: Carrier Selection and Negotiation  

While Calling Plans limit you to Microsoft as the PSTN carrier, Direct Routing hands you the reins. You can now choose telephony carriers based on your preferences and negotiate rates that align with your budget and requirements. This newfound freedom empowers your organization to tailor your communication strategy according to your specific needs, a level of control not achievable with standard plans.  

Say your company is expanding to different states, and you want a telephony solution that offers competitive rates in other regions. Direct Routing lets you negotiate with carriers individually, ensuring the best rates for each location. Whether you’re opening a branch in Burbank, California, or Baltimore, Maryland, choosing Direct Routing will save you quite a bit of money in the long run. 

Advantage 4: Easier Customization for More Complicated Needs  

Calling Plans offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but what if your organization’s telephony needs are more intricate? Enter Direct Routing. Direct Routing provides a higher degree of control over voice services for businesses integrating with specialized systems or operating on a global scale. This level of customization allows you to craft solutions that precisely align with your requirements, making it the ideal choice for organizations with diverse and complex setups.  

Get the 411 on More Direct Routing Advantages with TeamMate’s Latest Whitepaper  

For those who want to explore Direct Routing advantages further, TeamMate has your back. In our comprehensive whitepaper, we’ll break down the pros, cons, and general information about Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS). And we’ll explore various implementation options, shedding light on the merits of each in terms of cost, control, and complexity. Click here to download your copy and find the communication setup that works best for you. 

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