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How to Master Microsoft Teams Integration with 

How to Master Microsoft Teams Integration with 

On August 22, 2023 TeamMate had the honor of joining a webinar hosted by and entitled Exploring the Integration of Microsoft Teams Integration and  We have captured some of the highlights below.


The webinar discusses the integration of Microsoft Teams and, focusing on the TeamMate PBX connector and its capabilities. It explores the benefits of using Microsoft Teams as a softphone connected to a PBX, highlighting key features and the importance of this integration. TeamMate’s technology, specifically the PBX Connector, serves the purpose of bridging the gap between Microsoft Teams and traditional telephony systems. It simplifies integration, enhances communication capabilities, and ensures smooth interoperability, ultimately providing organizations with a more efficient and integrated communication and collaboration solution.

“If you work with us, the teams integration is all we do. So, you have a team of experts in Microsoft and our only goal is to make sure that your integration works correctly and we do a great job of it”

Eric Hernaez

CEO and Co-Founder of TeamMate Technology

Highlights of The Webinar

Microsoft Teams Popularity: The webinar emphasizes the tremendous popularity of Microsoft Teams, with over 320 million monthly active users. What’s particularly noteworthy is that 50 million of these users have the licensing necessary to utilize Teams as a softphone. This highlights the significant potential user base for integrating VoIP services like with Teams.

Teams as a Softphone: It underscores the importance of using Microsoft Teams as a softphone. By doing so, organizations can harness the full power of Teams’ collaborative features while also utilizing it as a fully functional telephony solution. This dual functionality simplifies communication and collaboration within a single platform.

Solving Common Softphone Issues: Microsoft Teams is praised for its ability to address common challenges associated with traditional softphones. Its ubiquity means that it’s already widely adopted, reducing deployment challenges. Furthermore, its support for direct routing allows seamless integration with third-party systems, like, thereby simplifying the configuration process.

Integration with Office 365: In the webinar highlights the tight integration between Microsoft Teams and Office 365. This integration enhances productivity by providing users with access to a suite of productivity tools within the Teams interface. This can be particularly appealing to businesses that rely heavily on Microsoft’s ecosystem.

TeamMate PBX Connector: The TeamMate PBX Connector is introduced as a critical tool for achieving seamless integration between Microsoft Teams and It’s highlighted for its ability to automate provisioning processes, streamline user management, and integrate with various Microsoft tools. This simplifies the overall user experience and administrative tasks.

SIP Trunk Connector: The video briefly mentions TeamMate’s SIP trunk connector, which allows users to connect PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connectivity to Teams. This is especially relevant for those who prefer to leverage Teams for its collaboration features while using traditional telephony services for external communication.

Collaboration with The partnership between TeamMate and is emphasized. Businesses are informed that they can obtain support for integration through this partnership. This support ensures that users have access to expert assistance when setting up and maintaining the integration, which can be critical for a smooth transition.

These highlights collectively emphasize the benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams with, showcasing how this integration can simplify communication, streamline workflows, and improve the overall user experience for businesses. It also highlights the key role played by TeamMate Technology in achieving this integration effectively.

In conclusion, the integration of Microsoft Teams and VoIP services heralds a new era of streamlined and efficient communication for businesses. By uniting the collaborative might of Microsoft Teams with the robust telephony capabilities of VoIP, organizations can empower their teams to work smarter and connect with clients and partners more effectively. This powerful synergy is not just about technological integration; it’s about transforming the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and succeed in the modern world. Embrace this transformative integration, and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about using Microsoft Teams with, check out this page.

Here’s the link to the full video.

Check out this video about What’s the Diff: PBX Connector vs SIP Trunk Connector

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