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TeamMate PBX Connector Available from Microsoft

Any organization using O365 can free trial the Integration 

[Williamstown, MA, January 25, 2022]  Microsoft Teams use is booming.  Any organization already using Teams is now considering how to use the built-in options to make it a high-performance softphone.  WFH and remote workers are here to stay – everyone needs a softphone.  TeamMate’s PBX Connector makes this connection between your existing PBX or Contact Center and your new softphone – Microsoft Teams a reality and you can buy it directly from Microsoft in the AppSource Marketplace and el 

Many service providers are offering the “Microsoft Teams soft-phone for your existing PBX” Ideally, every voice provider will package the using a PBX, SIP Trunks, and now, any of more than 50 million business phones numbers enabled for texting (SMS) can be integrated into Microsoft Teams. 

TeamMate is adding the SMS Connector to its PBX and Trunk Connector services.  The TeamMate Connectors are automation SaaS that allows Service Providers to create, brand, and manage their own PBX, SIP Trunk and/or SMS integration into Microsoft Teams from a broad palette of options.   

In release 1.5, the TeamMate Connector will allow Service Providers to bring their own SMS carrier with phone numbers.  Teams’ users will be able to send and receive texts natively integrated into Microsoft Teams from/to those phone numbers.  We currently support SMS API integration with Twilio, Bandwidth, Inteliquent and SkySwitch.  More integrations to follow.  Unlike, PBX and SIP Trunk, there is no Microsoft licensing required to integrate SMS.  

Here are other TeamMate Connector release 1.5 highlights: 

  • SIP Transparency.  To troubleshoot calls and SIP it is key to have all the information.  TeamMate 1.5 gives you built-in access to Microsoft Teams CDRs and SIP PCAPS from across the TeamMate core. 
  • SIP Control.  Different PBXs and SBCs require different SIP registration and communication settings.  Media Encryption control and REFER control between these external elements and Microsoft Teams is now possible.  This improves security and calling features that use REFER like Transfer and Park. 
  • Teams Application.  We have improved the workflow to allow a Service Provider more control over Teams Application design/deploy options.  The result is a branded Teams PBX or Teams SMS Application for the user. 

“TeamMate’s goal continues to be to build the most advanced tools for Service Providers to integrate Microsoft Teams with their communication services.  SMS in Teams, like PBX and SIP Trunks, makes sense” said Micah Singer, Managing Direct for TeamMate Technology.  “Every operator needs the flexibility to build and brand a great product for this important integration.”  

The TeamMate PBX, SIP Trunk and SMS Connectors are all available for a Free Trial.  We work through Reseller and Channel Partners.  If you would like to find out how to become a partner or you would like a Service Provider proof of concept trial please contact us. 

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