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Support Policy

TeamMate Support Policy

TeamMate will provide Customer with standard support that includes access to the trouble ticketing system, service monitoring portal, telephone and email correspondence and access to TeamMate’s technical support team during the hours of 4:00 AM – 10:00 PM US eastern time Monday through Friday, and via the trouble ticketing system, email and voice-mail during other hours. Such standard support shall include:

  • Escalation support for Customers as set forth above.
  • Off-hour response to Customer request for support for Priority 1 outages as defined below.
  • Support for Customer inter-operation testing with carriers, billing systems, and other third-party applications if intended for use with the TeamMate software.

TeamMate Technical Support Contact Information

Telephone:       +1 413-331-6100 option 2


Email:             [email protected]

Priority Definitions & Response Times (All Tickets):

Response time for Customer request for assistance is calculated from the time Customer dispatches the ticket to TeamMate until the time TeamMate provides a response to the ticket.

Priority 1: This priority should be reserved for system-wide outages that affect all Customer accounts using the Software. An example would be user inability to make and/or receive a call.

1 hour (with a target of immediate)

After Hours: 2 hours (with a target of immediate)

Priority 2: Service affecting problems are experienced such as partial Software functionality outage on multiple accounts. An example would be user inability to transfer a call.

2 hours

After Hours: 6 hours

Priority 3: Provisioning problems that impact speed of setup/change but do not impact the telephony service.  An example would be the inability to add a User.

4 hours

After Hours: 12 hours

Delivery of a Work-Around

TeamMate shall use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver a work-around according to the time frames outlined below:

Priority 1 – 2 days to deliver a work around;

Priority 2 – 5 business days to deliver a work around; and

Priority 3 – 10 business days to deliver a work around.

Permanent Solutions

TeamMate shall use reasonable commercial efforts to deliver permanent solutions to all known issues in the regularly scheduled Software Release Update(s) or earlier as the case may be to support the Customer.


Fixes (including but not limited to Bug fixes) are included in standard support. TeamMate shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a fix or work-around (and, ultimately a permanent solution) for a Bug.

Standard Product Improvements and Software Version Upgrades.

Customer will receive at no charge all new versions of the TeamMate Connector version they have purchased, including standard product improvement(s) that are made generally available by TeamMate.

Service Level Commitment

Service Availability.  TMT will attempt to maintain Service Availability in its Core Service of 99.99% of the applicable time for each month pursuant to the following exclusions:


This Service Level Agreement does not apply to Service Outages, Service Affecting Issues or any Service related problems arising out of or relating in whole or in part to the following causes:

(a)   Any act or omission on the part of the Customer, any third-party contractor or vendor, or any other entity over which the Customer exercises control or has the right to exercise control.

(b)   Force majeure event beyond the reasonable control of TeamMate, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, cable cuts, government acts and regulation, ad national emergency, Microsoft, or any other matters beyond the control of TeamMate.

(c)   Interruptions associated with act or omission on the part of the Customer or a third party, including, but not limited to, any local access provider, or an interruption where the Customer elects not to release the service for testing and repair and continues to use it on an impaired basis.

(d)  Any failure or issue associated with the Customer’s underlying network connection.

(e)  Time attributed to Customer’s delay in responding to TeamMate requests for assistance to repair a Service Outage, Service Affecting Issue or other Service problem.

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