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TeamMate ChatGPT Support Assistant Now Available

TeamMate ChatGPT Support Assistant Now Available

In our ongoing quest to provide the best customer service possible to users of our Teams integration products, we are happy to announce the availability of a ChatGPT-powered support bot. Available now, the beta support assistant will allow users to ask natural language questions about anything TeamMate related. The bot has been trained on TeamMate’s internal and customer-facing documentation, as well as relevant external sources about Microsoft Teams.

To use the service, simply login to the Reseller Portal and click the Help Center widget, which gives you easy links to all our support tools, including knowledge base articles, support ticket access, and now the AI Chatbot. To start using the AI chatbot, click the Ask AI Beta icon.

Once you see the chat interface load, simply type in any question. The chatbot will respond with an answer that is generated from content in the TeamMate knowledge base and other relevant documentation.

As with all generative AI tools, you should take any responses as best guesses and always double check the answers against the actual documentation. The bot will always list citations to the sources that it used to generate the answer, so verifying its responses is easy.

In deciding to make this new tool available, we had to consider the benefits and risks:

On the benefits side, the top reasons can be broken down to these points:

1. Enhanced Accessibility: Rather than searching the knowledge base for relevant keywords, a user can simply type in a question using conversational language. With natural language processing capabilities, it makes technical support more accessible to users who may not be familiar with technical jargon, breaking down barriers to effective communication.

2. Always Available: A custom ChatGPT can provide relevant responses 24/7. Our support team is available during US business hours, so having an additional tool available to assist customers in finding relevant information quickly is valuable.

3. Continuous Learning: The AI can continuously learn from new data, ensuring that its responses improve over time and stay up-to-date with the latest information and solutions.

4. Cost Efficiency: Automating routine queries can significantly reduce the workload on human support teams, allowing them to focus on more complex issues, thereby reducing operational costs.

On the risk side of the equation, the top four can be summarized as:

1. Accuracy: While AI can provide quick answers, there’s always a risk of misinformation if the model’s training data is not comprehensive or if it misinterprets the user’s query.

2. Lack of Human Empathy: AI cannot replicate the empathetic understanding that a human can offer, which can be crucial in customer support situations where users are frustrated or need assurance.

3. Data Privacy and Security: Implementing a custom ChatGPT requires careful handling of data, as there are risks associated with data breaches or misuse of sensitive information.

4. Garbage In Garbage Out: The effectiveness of a custom ChatGPT model is only as good as the material that it is trained on. As such it is heavily dependent on the quality of the knowledge base it’s trained on. Ensuring the data is accurate, comprehensive, and regularly updated can be resource-intensive.

All things considered, we came out on the side of giving it a try. Although far from perfect today, the promise of better customer support is hard to ignore.

Of course, this is not meant to be a replacement for real live humans, and our support team is available to answer your questions as always by opening a ticket. And, as an initial beta release we realize that there is room for improvement. But we intend to keep training the LLM with relevant information and actual support tickets so that future versions get smarter.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about how we’re doing. Please send questions or comments to [email protected].

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