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RingLogix Looks to TeamMate to Open New Possibilities for MSPs

This article, originally published by MSP Today, discusses the recent partnership announcement between the two companies.

RingLogix Looks to TeamMate to Open New Possibilities for MSPs

A recent report by Statista states that the number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams nearly doubled from 2021-22, increasing from 145 million users in 2021 to 270 million in 2022. The reason is simple.

Microsoft Teams, as most know, is a collaboration tool that enhances the way teams work together. Its integration with various Microsoft 365 applications, real-time chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and project management capabilities make it a comprehensive solution for remote and distributed teams – great for the workforce, no doubt.

However, while Teams excels in many areas, that doesn’t mean it fulfills all the communication needs a customer has, especially when it comes to phone systems. The Microsoft phone system, while a valuable addition to the Microsoft 365 suite, falls short in certain scenarios. It offers features like call routing, voicemail and conferencing. The issue is that it may not match the advanced functionality and scalability offered by dedicated phone system providers. Customers with complex telephony requirements or those seeking more extensive call center capabilities require a true UCaaS system.

To provide that “true UCaaS system,” RingLogix today announced its latest partnership integration with TeamMate.

RingLogix stands out as one of the prominent suppliers of software designed for streamlining the entire process from generating price quotes to receiving payments, particularly tailored for delivering private-label VoIP and UCaaS solutions. RingLogix allows MSPs to furnish their clients with dependable and feature-packed communication services.

TeamMate is an innovative direct routing system engineered to enhance the performance of Teams for corporations and institutions. Through its integration with UCaaS providers, such as RingLogix, TeamMate brings about a transformation in communication and cooperation within the Teams environment, enabling the utilization of advanced calling functionalities.

The collaboration between the two, therefore, opens new opportunities for MSPs and their clients. The collaboration enables MSPs to get the most out of Teams as a collaboration solution while integrating it with RingLogix’s advanced, white-label UCaaS platform.

“With TeamMate, a RingLogix partner can turn Microsoft Teams into a softphone on their UCaaS service, which will allow their customers to get all the excellent features found in the RingLogix platform, while still using Teams for collaboration,” said Eric Hernaez of TeamMate Technology.

Let’s dissect what Hernaez means here.

The integration enables MSPs to expand their customer reach by augmenting their service portfolio, making them more attractive to businesses that heavily depend on Teams for their collaborative needs. With over 1 million companies utilizing Teams, MSPs have an opportunity to engage in a wider array of business deals by offering a comprehensive Teams solution.

But that is not all. On top of widening MSPs’ market appeal, this collaboration also elevates customer loyalty. By delivering an integrated, highly valuable solution, MSPs can foster greater client loyalty and build stronger, lasting relationships. This approach goes beyond the conventional service model, creating a unique value proposition that sets MSPs apart in the competitive landscape and solidifies their bond with customers.

“This strategic partnership integration between RingLogix and TeamMate represents an opportunity for our valued partners to evolve and grow their UCaaS business,” said Wayne Landt, director of partner success at RingLogix. “Our partners are better poised to win more deals, expand their customer base and enhance their reputation as trusted MSPs in a rapidly evolving market.”

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