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TeamMate Technology’s Innovative Approach to Microsoft Teams Integration

TeamMate Technology’s Innovative Approach to Microsoft Teams Integration

This article by Rich Tehrani was originally published here on TMCNet

TeamMate Technology, a leading innovator in the UCaaS space, is setting a new precedent in integrating Microsoft Teams into UCaaS solutions. In an exclusive interview with Eric Hernaez, CEO of TeamMate Technology, he revealed how their offering is paving the way for a near-seamless connection between Microsoft Teams and various PBX solutions.

As Hernaez explained, “Our solution allows Microsoft Teams to become a registered softphone on any UCaaS solution or PBX. Unlike other solutions, we ensure that businesses don’t lose essential PBX features, such as presence and call transfer. We extend these features to a brandable app inside of Teams.” This integration allows businesses to retain their current communication systems while leveraging the collaboration and communication capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

Despite the exciting prospects of their solution, TeamMate Technology is not without challenges. One of the main issues, as Hernaez noted, is the noise in the market surrounding Teams integrations. “Explaining the nuances on why our solution is better than others is a challenge,” he admitted. “If you say Teams integration, it could mean anything. But what we do – keep your solution and add Teams – is a more versatile approach that gives businesses the best of both worlds.”

Eric Hernaez

Recently, TeamMate Technology raised $1 million in funding to accelerate its growth and further develop its innovative solutions. With the introduction of a new app that reduces the cost of integrating Microsoft Teams into other platforms, TeamMate Technology is poised to transform the way businesses use Microsoft Teams. As Hernaez stated, the target market for this novel solution is UCaaS providers serving the SMB market. “They can acquire SMB clients using Teams, and these businesses can continue using it as a softphone off their UCaaS service,” he added.

Undeniably, TeamMate Technology is not just enabling businesses to extend the functionality of their current communication systems, but also opening the door for a smooth transition to Microsoft’s ecosystem. As businesses continue to explore and embrace Microsoft Teams for their communication needs, TeamMate Technology’s solution is primed to become a game-changer in the industry.

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