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Unlock UCaaS Revenue Streams with Microsoft Teams 


If you’re in communications, odds are you’ve been keeping track of Microsoft Team’s rising popularity. Especially their latest moves into the UCaaS market – specifically Teams Phone. It puts Microsoft in direct competition with more traditional providers who often don’t have the resources (or budget) to take Microsoft on.  

But what if we told you there’s a way to transform this potential threat into an opportunity? To open new revenue streams and stay profitable even as Teams continues to grow? And that it’s as simple as installing a plug-and-play integration? Just keep reading to find out why.   

Why Integration is The Ultimate Profit-Generating Power Move  

Your customers want integration. Here’s why.  

According to recent studies, 69% of businesses want to invest in multi-purpose communication and collaboration technology instead of single-purpose, dedicated services. They want a one-stop shop that can do it all: one solution, one bill.  

Suppose your UCaaS solution can’t integrate with Teams. In that case, many companies won’t pick you to do business with because doing so would mean two bills, longer setup times, and unfortunate information silos.  

But integration can change all that. Instead of operating in isolation, your UCaaS platform becomes part of a more comprehensive communication solution. By blending your unique services with the power of Teams, you provide a smoother user experience for customers and increase the likelihood of attracting more business.  

69% of organizations want to invest in multi-purpose communication and collaboration technology

How to Unlock New Revenue Streams by Leveraging a Microsoft Teams Integration  

Now that you know why integration is so successful, let’s talk about the how. How can you use a Teams integration to get more revenue?  

Target Microsoft’s Broad User Base with Your Unique Value-Add  

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the go-to collaboration platform for many businesses, with over 300 million users and counting. Leveraging a Teams integration gives you access to a wide segment of that potential customer pool.   

Leveraging Microsoft Teams integration lets users stick with a familiar platform and grants access to unique functionalities exclusive to your platform. For example, on your platform, users can:  

  • Manage how their calls are forwarded and redirected  
  • Update and check their voicemail  
  • Make, take, and record calls  
  • Set up and edit automated attendants  

All thanks to your integration.  

And, as Teams users engage with your UCaaS platform, they may discover other services or features you offer that complement their needs. For instance, a client using your voice communication services might find value in your webinar solutions when integrated with Teams. And before you know it, they’re paying a little extra per user per month for features only your UCaaS platform can offer.  

Upsell Your Integrations to Current Customers  

Some of your current customers are probably already using Teams. Or they’re looking to adopt Teams in the next few months.  

Whatever their position on Teams, having an integration at the ready will enhance their user experience and solidify their loyalty to your brand. Here’s how:  

  • It makes it easier to access all their communications in one place. No more multiple tabs or multiple log-ins. It’s a one-and-done process to communicate both internally and externally.  
  • It results in more productivity. Less time’s wasted in “work about work” with a Teams integration. Now your customers can be even more efficient than before.  
  • It shows that you care about their convenience more than the competition. Go ahead and get Teams. Our platform will be there to support you.  

Instead of panicking when a customer brings up Teams, you can smile and respond, “That’s great! We’ve got an integration for that.”  

Monetize Your Integration  

Integrating Microsoft Teams into your UCaaS platform adds value and creates an opportunity for monetization. Consider charging for value-added services that are only accessible through the integrated solution.   

Whether it’s premium features or specialized support, 43% of customers will be willing to pay for the increased convenience (and value) they receive.   

Want to Learn More about How to Profit Off of Teams? We’ve Got a Whitepaper for That 

Ready to take your UCaaS revenue to new heights with TeamMate and Microsoft Teams? Start building your UCaaS integration strategy now with our latest whitepaper. Our team has developed this resource to act as a primer about the benefits of integrating Teams into your UCaaS platform. In it, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for how to choose and implement the best integration for your specific needs.  


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